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BodyTalk: Healthcare designed by your body

The BodyTalk System, created by Dr. John Veltheim, is helping to create a revolutionary new approach to healthcare and healing. Based on Eastern medicine (acupuncture, ancient yoga techniques), bioenergetic psychology, and Quantum Physics, BodyTalk is a blend of the best of Eastern and Western knowledge.

Although you may never have heard of this powerful healing system, according to the British publication The Telegraph, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey both receive regular BodyTalk sessions!

The traditional approach of doctors and the Western medical system is based on the Cartesian approach to the body: the body is looked at in component parts and doctors look to identify and fix or replace the broken "part" with medication or surgery. In contrast to medical doctors, BodyTalk practitioners instead take the dynamic systems approach that optimal health and well-being come from all parts of our bodymind system working, communicating, and functioning well together.

This means that every single atom, cell, organ, and system in the body needs to be in constant, clear communication with all the other atoms, cells, organs, and systems in the body. When communication is disrupted, health and well-being is impaired. The focus isn't on replacing a particular "broken part" but improving communication.

According to the BodyTalk System, stress often is the key factor in disrupting the communication of various parts of the body, leading to illness, much like too much electricity in a system can blow a fuse in a fuse box. BodyTalk simply and effectively resets the fuses in the fuse box, restoring communication in the body and thereby improving a person's health.

What happens during a BodyTalk session?

A BodyTalk practitioner uses yes/no muscle feedback to communicate with the innate, inner wisdom of a client's bodymind. Innate wisdom is simply the idea that our bodies know the reason why a particular issue or illness has occurred and that the body also has the ability to heal itself, much like your body immediately begins healing itself when you cut your finger.

The BodyTalk practitioner is simply trained to listen to the innate wisdom of the client and hear the story behind the symptom, uncovering what particular areas need to be balanced or where communication needs to be improved. Simple tapping over the head and sternum are used to help the brain and the body to integrate the changes that have been identified by the practitioner for that session.

BodyTalk is a priority-based system where the client's innate wisdom (rather than the practitioner) decides what in particular is important to be addressed in that system in order to create more health and well-being.

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