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Bodybuilding vs. Power lifting and their exercise routines & nutrition

Power lifter
Power lifter

So many people get confused about what the difference is between bodybuilding and power lifting even though the individuals you see on television for a power lifting competition might be pure genetics and good nutrition while the bodybuilders that are even more finessed with their work outs and nutrition. The difference between bodybuilders and power lifters is that power lifters focus purely on heavy bouts of weight for their lifts with a low number of reps, and yes, they do focus on lighter amounts of weight in which will help to build that muscle group up to the standard of weight they are striving for; however, they are always trying to be proportional throughout their workouts so their other muscles may compensate for the heavy bouts that may take place. However, this is not about physique or figure as this can be used as some stages of bodybuilding, but the heavy lifting form is used to load the muscle for heavy bouts but, of course, with this goes a strong degree of heavy intake of calories, all the way up to 8000 calories per day.

Bodybuilding is very different and takes part of the power lifting cycle, but bodybuilding is focusing on the physique of the body symmetry from the trapezius to the deltoids, the latissimus dorsi that rotates into the obliques and the rectus abdominous that descends down into the hip flexors and the quadriceps to biceps femoris to the gastrocnemius. It is all about physique; however, many bodybuilders must go through a building time where they will take in many calories from 3000-5000 calories a day with over 200-300 grams of protein per day. However, these athletes do need to cut the calories if they want to compete, and their typical work out that tends to be heavy weights and heavy food needs to be eliminated and then the carbs are cycled out more week by week and more cardiovascular fitness is taken on with more moderate weight training. As the bodybuilder proceeds, they keep their protein high and watch their carbs to reach that desired physique.

You can see that power lifters are not worried so much about their physique but making sure they are getting the calories they need to help lift those heavy bouts. However, bodybuilders can be on the same page with the same diet and weight training program, but at the end of the cycle, the weight training changes and so does the diet for the bodybuilder so they can compete at the top of their level.