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Bodybuilding: Video training verses gym training

training to the voice of an instructor by video tape will work if you are consistent but the key word is "if"
training to the voice of an instructor by video tape will work if you are consistent but the key word is "if"

Fitness is big business and has been for many years. There are gyms popping up by the dozens and there are videos coming into view just as fast. You can P90X your way to fitness, Zumba, Insanity, T25, Boot Camp with Billy Blanks, and the list goes on. These methods of training are all effective for getting you into shape but they only work if you actually put them to use. The key to any of these fitness crazes is not whether you "watch" them but "work" them, religiously. Infomercials sell these products really well. They are designed to get you pumped up, excited and ready to train. So when you are on fire and can't wait to receive your purchase, it's an anticipation of pure excitement of something new to try. However, when you receive your purchase, putting it to use and keeping it in use may be a different story.

Notice, when you watch the infomercials, everyone is in tip top shape. Some of them may have gotten that way by utilizing the product you just purchased but many of them were already in shape. These videos usually do not show everyday bodies as a selling tool either, a very smart move by the way, especially, if the idea is to provide a strong interest for viewers who desire to look the way the trainers do in the videos. So what do you think is the best way to "get fit", watch and train with a video or actually go the gym and workout? Well, the answer will depend on what level of fitness you are looking to achieve. It will also depend on your level of discipline in working toward the results you wish to receive.

One of the hardest disciplines of video training is relying on what you see on the screen to motivate you. If you are not extremely driven to make changes for reasons that are important for you and your health, buying a video to act as a training tool may be impossible to stick with. You may also find the workouts to be repetitive and sometimes difficult, depending on your skill level. When this happens, it becomes too easy to just sit and watch than to interact.

Gym training is difficult for many as well. One of the hardest steps is the first one, actually going to the gym. The second is making the decision to take the necessary steps of hard work and training to move you from beginner to advanced. Face it guys, the muscles on the videos didn't come by way of extreme cardio activity. Ladies, those muscular legs, shapely arms and abs had help from more than just 25 to 30 minutes of strenuous activity in the living room. Gym training provides you with live bodies, where people of all shapes and sizes are working side by side for a common goal, fitness and good health. Whether some are bodybuilding and others are just trying to lose a few pounds, the underlying goal is the same. Because you are surrounded by the experience in a real setting, you are more likely to stick with the gym than the video.

Here are a few points that may help you to see the reasoning and the benefit of training in the gym:

  • Training around actual groups of people will help to motivate you more than watching it on the T.V. screen.
  • You can actually witness transformations right before your eyes and that will hold more power over you sticking to your goals than watching a video that does not transform.
  • You cannot ask questions to the video teacher but you can approach others around you in a gym setting and ask for help.
  • You are in a zone geared toward one theme "EXERCISE", regardless of the form. This quickly puts you in an element that creates a focus on what is most important for you while you are there, and removes you from any distraction in a home setting.
  • You get to workout around people on your level of training and above which will push you to do more and be better than when you started.
  • Lastly, you have more options for how to train. You may work with weights some days, body weight and props other days but the experience will more than likely create more of a lasting solution for you than a video.

Overall, video training may be the answer for some but if you want to transform your body, you may just need to consider going to the gym. Whatever your choice, depends on what you want to accomplish and your level of commitment to it. Either way you chose to train, just make the decision to do SOMETHING! It will certainly make a huge difference in your health and your life.

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