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Bodybuilding: Man in the mirror

you can channel who you truly are by taking a few minutes to examine what's within; harness it and set it free
you can channel who you truly are by taking a few minutes to examine what's within; harness it and set it free

Try this when you have a moment. Go to a quiet place, away from the gym, away from distraction, away from the world and stand before a mirror. When you get there, just stand and look at yourself. Really stare. What do you see? Now, it is obvious that you see your physical self, the muscles you have, the muscles you want to have, the body you love, even the body you loathe. But this exercise is about more than what's on the outside. You need to go deep within. Now what do you see? What lies beneath everything on the surface? What's in your soul? Do you see someone who is inspiring and inspires others? Do you see someone who gives freely, who is compassionate, strong, yet sensitive? Do you see someone who possesses far more than what has been allowed to shine? Or do you see someone who is frightened, someone who portrays fear through anger; someone who lives with regret, pain and discontentment with self? If you do this exercise and truly allow yourself to feel what is really beneath the surface, you begin to unlock the door to everything that can free you to become the best you, you can be, or stay locked away and wonder why you don't see change. If you truly want to get in touch with who you are and why you tick the way you tick, you need to go within, find whatever is there and bring it out, be it good or bad. This is the first step to real transformation.

Change in the body begins when the mind is clear and expectant of it. If the mind is clouded, filled with clutter and negative views of self, ability and worth, it doesn't leave your body much hope in making a transformation in a positive light. Going deep within is for the sole purpose of figuring out how many demons you allow to destroy everything you are and rob you of everything you can become. Your demon may be that voice in your head that tells you, you are not good enough. It may be that self loathing nature that keeps you tucked away in a box. It may be the voices you allow from others to seep into your mind, criticizing you or who tells you all of the ways you will fail. Whatever it is, it slowly chips away at everything you are. When this happens, your best is no longer any good, as it is hidden behind self created delusions.

A healthy soul is a happy soul. When everything is in alignment within, what's without will be in alignment as well. Nothing can get you healthy without your consent. Think about that for a second. When you have a cold, you make a choice to either take something for it to aid in relief or you suffer through it, sometimes running the risk of it worsening. Or, when you go to the gym to train, you make a choice to go and to lift. It's not done by the power of suggestion but by sheer effort.

Positive efforts yield positive results. If you look forward to the best, above all that comes your way, the best will also come your way. You simply have to focus on the outcome you desire, even if you find yourself going through a challenging unwanted process to get there. What better way to go through the process than to understand who you are along the way.

Now, back to the mirror. What do you see?