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Bodybuilding: How to spark growth and change in your body

training with consistency and intensity is a huge part of sparking muscle growth
training with consistency and intensity is a huge part of sparking muscle growth

Many people workout but there is much more to working out if your goal is to see significant changes taking place in your body. Do you ever notice people who go to the gym year after year and they look exactly the same, year after year? There is a reason for that. The body is not experiencing any challenge. The main goal of "working out" is to create change, significant changes that emphasize great benefits to your consistency. Put it this way, if you are a bodybuilder, you will not want your body to stay the same, year after year. It will simply mean that you are not working hard enough, not building anything and definitely not living up to your title.

Bodybuilding is demanding work. It's like a job. Better still, bodybuilding requires 100% commitment and consistency.

Change occurs when you step out of your comfort zone. When you lift a weight that is not in your level of comfort, it pushes you to dig a little deeper to get through it. Change also pushes your body to experience growth because your body is then no longer accustomed to a less strenuous weight. Here are the facts, if an exercise is too comfortable, it is not challenging growth and change. If you never try something new, something harder, or something awkward, you won't grow. Growth happens when experience may be out of your norm. When you exercise and decide to increase in weight, it is usually a very uncomfortable situation. Often, you may feel that it is almost impossible to get through it but when you do, you grow mentally because you start to believe it, and your continued efforts will show up outwardly. This is a life lesson as well.

Exercise is not the only component of growth, nutrition is another. If you are not eating enough throughout the day to raise your metabolism, it can be just as damaging to lean muscle growth as not exercising at all. Your food intake is crucial to bodybuilding. Not just food but the right types of food, food that promotes lean muscle, strength and stamina. Protein is extremely important to muscle growth. If you are not getting the right amount of protein into your system, you will find it difficult to build muscle mass.

Also, just because you are performing an exercise does not mean that you are doing all you can to evoke change. Simply going through the motions is just as bad as lifting unchallenging weight. When you train, you must train with purpose and intensity. That extra added spirit will develop chemicals in the brain that lifts your mood and create the momentum to train hard and effectively.

Keep in mind that when you are seeking growth, too much cardio is like a death sentence to muscle mass. Cardio is designed to burn fat, raise your heart rate and raise your metabolism so that you can lose excess weight/fat at rest. The problem with cardio and building muscle is that cardio counteracts muscle growth if you incorporate too much of it.

Lastly, make sure you are resting and getting plenty of restful sleep. Building muscle requires a lot of energy and strength. Your body is certain to get fatigued and will need adequate time to tear down and rebuild. You grow when you are at rest, not while you are training. Therefore, be sure to give your body time to relax.

So, if you ever feel that you are not growing and feel you have been consistent in your training, go through the protocol above. Nine times out of ten, you are not following through in some area and need to reorder your plan. Your growth depends on it.

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