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Bodybuilding: Each workout brings you a step closer to your goals

each workout gets you one step closer to your goal
each workout gets you one step closer to your goal

Achieving ultimate success is a very rewarding experience once you feel you've reached that point. When it comes to fitness, it can be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. What makes it so gratifying is knowing what it has taken to get there. The best moments are often the ones born out of pain and discomfort. Perhaps, it's the very reason one can stand proud and in amazement of a successful journey. But, reaching your fitness goals start with one single component; the will to begin, followed by the act of beginning. It's that first step that creates the path for the steps that follow.

There are many people whose basis for successful training is geared round a start day consistent week after week. For many, anything that takes them off this path, disrupts the path and causes them to feel the need to wait until another full week to just "start over" at what they consider "the beginning". This way of thinking can often lead to feelings of failure and a defeatist attitude about following through. What many people fail to realize is that each day they proceed to workout, is a step toward new growth, harder muscles, strength and endurance. It's the succession of the overall goal that leads to the end result, not the start and stop time perceived in their thinking. For example, let's say your first full week of workouts begin on Monday and you normally train consistently each day thereafter through Friday. Let's suppose something gets in the way of that full week and disrupts training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Although, your Friday is still open, missing three consecutive days seem to send you into a tailspin, causing you to feel that your week of training has been thrown off and is pointless until that following full week. Although, there is still Saturday and Sunday, the schedule appears to be off track and therefore, seems lost. This is so far from the truth though. Remember, it's the sum total of the consistency that counts. Regardless of what gets in the way, an attitude of consistency and perseverance ultimately paves the road to success.

This same premise holds true with building muscles. If you work a muscle group every now and then because "things" get in the way, and still intend to see changes, you will be very disappointed. What actually builds the body; the growth of the muscles, is the consistency in time overall that you continue to devote to training. Someone who begins, then stops, then begins again, over and over again, is not consistent at completing a task that will yield results. This person simply doesn't stick around long enough to see any changes.

The hardest part about consistency is following through, even when it feels pointless and seems as if nothing is happening. It's in those moments that you must harness your will and dare to push forward with expectancy anyway. Those are the moments when change takes place. It's this determination that will bring you face to face with your fitness goals and end results.