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Bodybuilding: Bigger arms made simple

building huge arms create confidence
building huge arms create confidence
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Bigger arms can be sexy but only when they are trained and sculpted. Men especially feel they benefit from bigger arms mainly because it makes them feel big and strong. It's also a great way to grab the attention of a woman because women love to feel protected, and a man with big arms indicate strength and stamina.

There are several ways you can train to enjoy the effects and benefit of bigger arms. Here are 7 tips to bring you to that goal:

  1. Dedicate an entire training session to arms ONLY. This allows you to concentrate on one body part which leaves you the opportunity to intensify your training as it is centered on one particular area.
  2. Train with different size bars. Men especially will gravitate to the larger or heavier grips/bars. A thicker bar intensifies the exercise, as it draws more blood and energy into the movement. The bar is heavier due to its thickness which causes you to attack more of the area you are training.
  3. Change up your exercise. There are many different exercises you can use for your arm training. For biceps, there is the standing barbell curl/dumbbell curl/hammer curl/preacher curl/21's/cable curl and many more. For triceps, there is the cable pulldowns/straight bar pull down/skull crushers/kickbacks/overhead dumbbell raises/tricep dips and many more.
  4. Train your forearms. It's the simple movement of merely moving your wrists that will cause your arms to develop thickness, adding to the overall appearance of your arm development.
  5. Lean out your body. Sometimes, it will take the leaning out of the body for the arms to truly show it's definition. Therefore, you will need to watch your diet and in doing so, you will begin to see your arms transform with not only thickness but with striking definition.
  6. Train with intensity. Don't just lift the weights but envision the weights moving the muscles and joints; feeling the blood flow building underneath the skin. This could be described as the pump. You simply feel your muscles tightening and growing as they swell with blood. This means you are concentrating on the pump and blood flow.
  7. Concentrate on one body part at a time. When you are training biceps, focus only on biceps, not triceps or forearms. Only pay attention to the part of the training you are engaged in at that particular time.

Ladies, these tips are not only geared toward the men. Women sometimes like to build their arms too. If not so much for size, definition is definitely sexy on a woman's body. So get those weights in hand and start lifting. Your arms will thank you with results.

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