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Bodybuilding: A new year- a new reason to live fit

live fit in the new year, it's the best resolution you can make
live fit in the new year, it's the best resolution you can make

It's here, soon to be in full force, and before you know it, it will have come and gone within the blink of an eye. Question is, what will you have to show for it? What will you be able to say you've done within that time frame and how, will you say, it has it impacted your life? The new year! That is what the buzz is all about and if you are not a participant, it will leave you in the dust. Time does not stand still and neither should you.

It's funny...when you are young, time seems to go by so slowly, the years seem long and it feels like you will never reach your destination. But when you get older, time seems to fly by which can sometimes be a bit scary. However, applying a little bit of time to your health and well being can actually add time to your life. It's never too late to take a look at making changes in your life and your number one priority should be your health. It doesn't matter if you are relatively in shape or overweight, good health is available to all in some form.

One of the quickest ways to slow down time is to start adding muscle to your physique.You begin by picking up the "iron" and getting your body use to lifting it. What? "I'm too old". Nonsense! Actually, you are the perfect age. Don't let that age excuse keep you from your best. Creating a new you, whether you are 18 or 80 is a great reason to look forward to the new year.

So just what will weight training do? Well, it will firm up flab zones for one, and begin to add strength where you thought you had none. Weights will add symmetry to your entire body, creating a transformation with firm sculpted curves and muscle, making you appear much leaner and causing you to feel more confident. The muscles keep your bones strong which wards off bone disease, such as osteoporosis. Weight training also strengthens muscle and connective tissues, protecting the bones from injury. Another great advantage to weight training is that it improves your muscle-to-fat ratio, placing less stress on your heart muscle. Studies show that a leaner body has beneficial effects on blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Many people only think of changing their bodies by simply dieting alone. Of course, dieting is important but weight training in conjunction with it, is the best solution for sustaining a healthier body. With weight training, you burn excess calories through the actual exertion of the exercise, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while you sleep. How about this? Each pound of new muscle you put on will raise your metabolism by as much as 50 calories per day. Is that not a great incentive to train with weights? So why do you suppose so many people frown on the idea, even though they are aware of the benefits? Well, it's probably several reasons but a couple of them may be that: although they are aware of the benefits, they don't fully understand how the benefits will help them as individuals; or they convince themselves that when it's time, they will make the necessary changes, but now is not the time. Before you know it, another year has come and gone and the disappointment in health and appearance has gotten worse.

There is no better time than the present for setting a goal and tackling it. After all, the first step is always the hardest for those who never seem to make a move. But once the first step is taken, the second step is a lot easier to take. Not only is weight training a huge health benefit, it is also fun. So don't start your new year off waiting on the mood to hit, because there will always be an excuse to do it "maybe next time". For this new year, decide on making time for YOU by investing it in your health and fitness. It will be the longest life lasting decision you will ever make.

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