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Bodybuilding 101: Practice bodybuilding poses to help placings

Bodybuilding 101: Practice posing
Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Posing takes a huge amount of effort, is exhausting and will make you stand out on the stage. Unfortunately, you can stand out for great posing, or for terrible posing. Although it's normal to be nervous on stage the amount of practice you put into your posing should help with anxiety. It should be smooth, with good transitioning, and without adding strange looks or movements to your routine or mandatory poses. There are several nuances that you are judged poorly for, including grimacing, trembling or shaking, bad posing, or not showcasing your muscles to the best of your abilities.

Are you constipated or smiling?

You're supposed to have fun on stage whether you are doing bodybuilding or bikini. That means you must smile. Though it is difficult for male bodybuilders to smile in the middle of a hands-over-head abdominal pose, you'll find that a good poser will do their best to smile.

There are other cases where each smile looks constipated and pained, and this is usually from those who did not practice smiling during their posing sessions.

Slight trembling to full body shaking

Nerves will cause you to tremble on stage, but this is something you don't want the judges to notice. Shaking, however, sends the message that you did not practice your posing enough, or that you may be cramping from the lack of water.

Shaking is also caused from flexing and contracting the muscles so hard that you lose control of the pose. While practicing your poses, find your shaking point. If you practice enough, you'll learn just how hard you need to flex so you don't shake.

Bad posing

Unfortunately, sometimes the posing is just bad. In many cases, it is someone who did not have a posing coach, or they just did not practice enough.

IFBB Pro Branch Warren states that he practices up to 45 minutes a day when he gets ready to compete in a bodybuilding show. You may not have that much time on your hands, but it does explain the amount of dedication needed to become a good poser.

Not showcasing your assets

Each competitor will have a bodily asset that can stand out from the rest of the athletes. For some it's their legs, while someone else may have an amazing back. Regardless of your asset, make sure to show it off when possible.

Your posing routine should show your good qualities, and not hinder them.

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