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Bodybuilding 101 bikinis: Opt for fabrics with movement

Bodybuilding 101 bikinis: Opt for fabrics with movement

If you want a bikini adorned with a ton of crystals, and cannot afford it, there's a way to get around that problem. Choose a bikini within your affordability range, and opt for a fabric full of life and movement to add depth and dimension. What does that mean?

It means that fabrics with certain characteristics look great on stage, and are strong enough to stand on its own without crystals.

Crushed velvet bikinis and posing suits

Years ago it was common to see velvet on many bodybuilding athletes in the same lineup. It wasn't the smooth velvet found on little girls' dresses, but bold, rich crushed velvet. This characteristic gave the material life and vibrancy under stage lights. It served as a main fabric for one piece posing suits, as well as two pieces bikinis. The crushed velvet caught the stage lights during each mandatory quarter turn and pose.

Things have changed since. Now it's common to find a slew of materials on stage. For example, bikinis are made in Lamé spandex, slinky, crushed velvet, spandex, and more. These materials can have specific qualities such as glitter, patterns, holograms and others to make them visible from the stage even with out crystals.

Fabrics with glitter or holograms

Characteristics such as glitter and holograms give life and movement to the fabric because it shows under the light. Plain material looks good on stage, but fabric that has glitter swirls or stripes offers depth and dimension, while it catches the stage lights each time you move.

Online bikini ordering

When you choose a fabric from an online retailer one of the best ways to see fabric movement is to enlarge the photo. Stand several feet away from the computer screen and look at the fabric. It not only makes the color pop, but allows a more realistic view of the fabric.

Order fabric swatches

Request a fabric swatch if you are still concerned with the fabric colors, and the movement it provides, but do not expect this for free. A designer may send you free swatches as a courtesy, but this should not be expected. It takes time out of their day, as well as out of their fabric stock (no matter how small the swatch), to send.

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