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Body tune ups and cleansings: The holistic way

Colonic (Colon Hydrotherapy)
Colonic (Colon Hydrotherapy)

Huntsville is buzzing about body tune ups, which include total body cleansing. There are area spots that provide alternatives to traditional methods of cleaning out and tuning up the body. These new methods include, but are not limited to ionic foot bath, parasite cleanse, lymphatic cleanse, ozone sauna therapy, mineral therapy, ear candling, reflexology, massage therapy and last but not least colonics.

Two locations that are frequented by many Huntsville residents are Health Unlimited, which offers all of the above services, and Center of Optimal Well Being, which offers primarily colonics and a few of the other services listed above. So, for the one that is seeking an alternative to traditional medicine, these two facilities are at the top of the A list. 

Mention this article when you visit one of the above facilities.