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Body parts in garbage bags: Woman arrested for dumping son's dismembered body

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The body parts found stuffed in garbage bags along a Michigan road at the end of last week belonged to a 32-year-old male. The woman arrested today for throwing these bags of body parts along the side of the road is the victim’s mother, according to NBC News on Feb. 2. Fingerprints of the dismembered man gave up his identity. The woman witnessed dumping the bags with his dismembered body inside is identified as man's mother.

Tips came in from the public after a torso, head and other body parts were discovered in a rural area of Michigan, just miles from the Canadian border over the weekend. Clues from the body parts and the bags, along with the tips helped law enforcement in arresting a suspect, a 59-year-old woman.

According to Sgt. Jay Cohoe of the St. Clair’s Police Department, this same woman reported her 32-year-old son missing seven days ago. She was arrested this weekend after being seen dumping the body parts along the side of the road of a St. Clair, Michigan highway on Thursday.

The unnamed woman was arrested and incarcerated at the police department while awaiting arraignment. Fingerprints taken on Friday of the dismembered man showed a match to a man reported missing the weekend before.

A woman who lives in the area where the body parts were dumped, saw a middle-aged woman throwing the bags out of her SUV on to the side of the road. Upset that someone would dump garbage along the road she went to investigate.

Instead of finding old mail that gave clues to the name and address of the person who littered, she found something very gruesome, a cut up body in the bags. She called the police and told them what she had found and gave the description to the police of the woman who dumped the bags.

No further information was released about the woman or why she played a part of disposing the body parts of her dismembered son. This is just one case that is hard to wrap your head around. This is a mother and her son.