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Body painting becomes more than a cult art favorite with 'Skin Wars' debut

'Skin Wars' debuts August 6 and features many talented body painters from across the nation.
'Skin Wars' debuts August 6 and features many talented body painters from across the nation.
Skin Wars

Since prehistory, body painting has been with us but lately, this cult favorite in the art world seems to have become more popular than it ever has. There are body painting academies and contests held worldwide. Peruse through Craigslist and you will see job and gig offerings for body painters. Artists are being showcased because of their beautiful work and are often being invited to parties and conventions to work as contractors.

Just Sunday of this week saw the end of the 17th World Bodypainting Festival which was held in Seeboden, Austria from June 29-July 6. The festival featured hundreds of body painters who competed for awards and recognition. To top things off, a new reality TV elimination game show called 'Skin Wars' will debut its inaugural season on the Game Show Network August 6, reported TV by the Numbers on Tuesday.

'Skin Wars' will feature ten artists in the running to test their skills against each other in order to win prizes, which include $100,000. The contestants hail from many US cities, including Seattle, Orlando, Las Vegas and Denver. The show will run for eight episodes in its first season and is the first “body painting competition show” in existence.

The show will be hosted by super-model/actress Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) and features the entertainer RuPaul as one of the judges. Two other judges are high profile body painters in their own right. Craig Tracy of Painted Alive Body painting is well known for his optical illusions and has been featured with many other artists in that category, including sculpture makers and animators. Robin Slonina, who works as a professional artist and body painter and who owns Skin City Body Painting in Las Vegas, has had her work featured on MTV, Fox, Lifetime, Spike, Showtime, Univision and much more.

The winner of the show will not only win $100,000 but will also win a full year supply of materials for their art and be the featured guest at the International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in New York City.