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Body paint parrot: Artist paints model to trickily look just like a parrot

Johannes Stoetter's body-painted woman parrot
Johannes Stoetter's body-painted woman parrot
Johannes Stoetter

Everyone has seen impressive body paint jobs in the past, but artist Johannes Stoetter does them unlike anyone has ever seen before and his most recent job may be as close to perfect as he's gotten. The Blaze reported on March 14, 2014, that the body paint parrot being shown around the Internet isn't actually a feathered friend, but a model.

Yes, this is indeed a picture of a woman that is painted, and not an actual parrot.
Johannes Stoetter

Look at the picture closely. See her yet?

It may be easiest to check out the parrot's tail because that could possibly be the easiest thing to decipher as a human body part. After a while, you can tell that it's her outstretched foot.

Seeing her face is a different story, but it's there.

Stoetter is a 35-year-old artist and a former wold body painting champion. He lives in Italy and spent four weeks planning out just how he would transform the female form into that of a beautiful and cleverly-disguised parrot.

Strangely enough, it took him only four hours to actually paint her body with the breathable paint that includes great detail, shading, and a bright green eye that is the true eye of the model.

"Getting the scene set up took about five hours, then it took about another four hours to paint the model and an hour to get her position right," Stoetter said.

In 2012, the artist was crowned the World Body Painting Champion, and his attention to detail in the body painted parrot makes it easy to see why. He even situated the model on a tree stump so everyone could be fooled.

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