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Body oil vs. perfume

Fragrance Body Oil
Fragrance Body Oil
Fragrance Body Oil

The debate over body oil and perfume and what’s better in the long run must come to an end today. While many people love their Juicy Couture and Nicki Minaj fragrances the fact is that body oil is so much better for your skin and it lasts far longer. Body oils are reasonably priced while perfumes are often outrageously priced. In fact, let’s go over some of the basics.

Body Oil

Alcohol Free

Long lasting (7-15 hours)

Clean, true scent

99.9 % non- flammable

Less allergic reaction


80-97% Alcohol

Not long lasting (1-3 hours if not layered)

Highly noticeable alcohol scent

Highly flammable

High allergic reaction

Perfume is composed of aromatic compounds and fine oil extracts that are diluted in water or high grade alcohol. It’s the alcohol that eventually evaporates and leaves you scentless by mid-day. To ensure that your fragrance becomes an all day thing you must layer it. That means forking up additional money for matching shower gel and lotion (hopefully you’re lucky enough to purchase a set). Now, with body oils layering is not quite necessary because all you would need are 1-2 drops for a scent that will last all day long.

All in all, body oils are just that; oil. They can be customized with your favorite essential and fragrance oils or made to match your favorite designer scent without the alcohol fillers. Your skin will thank you and you can rest assure that the fragrance will last throughout the day.

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