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Body of Zamien Benditt-Parkes possibly found in tree

Zamien Benditt-Parkes was missing for two weeks before his body was found on Sunday...
Zamien Benditt-Parkes was missing for two weeks before his body was found on Sunday...
Photo provided to media;Zamien Benditt-Parkes

The search for missing teen Zamien Benditt-Parkes may be over with the discovery of a body. This Sunday news report shares that a body matching the description of the missing teen was found in a tree approximately a quarter of a mile away from his home. The details of this case are still developing, and aren't being clarified, so it's not know exactly why the young man's body was in the tree.

Police aren't 100% certain that the body is in fact the missing teen, but his family has been notified and the body does match the teen's description. He has been missing now for two weeks after reportedly leaving his home. However, there is a lot of suspicion hovering over the young man's case -- especially now that it's presumed that he was found dead. Comments on news reports by people in his community indicate suspicion against his foster family.

Other members of the community have expressed confusion at why police hadn't searched the area he was found in sooner, since it was so close to his home and only about 15 feet from the road. Even though news reports say his body was hidden by heavy foliage, scent dogs or devoted police investigators may have found him sooner.

Police haven't indicated whether or not foul play is suspected. His cause of death hasn't been released -- if it's even known -- so it seems that officials are playing this one close to their chests for now. What's important is that this young man is no longer missing, and if he's the victim of crime his very body could give clues leading to his potential killer (if there is one).