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‘Body of Proof’ star joins cast of ‘Covert Affairs’

Nic Bishop
Nic Bishop

English Australian actor Nic Bishop will add muscle and intrigue to the cast of USA Network’s spy drama “Covert Affairs.” Bishop will be trading in his badge to drive around in fancy cars while wearing expensive suits.

The former “Body of Proof” cast member will play Ryan McQuaid, an ex-Navy SEAL who now operates a private security firm. “Whenever there’s too much heat for the CIA or the government to do it, then a company like his is sent in to do it,” Bishop said in a recent interview adding that his character is adventurous and likes to push people’s buttons in order to get information.

Covert Affairs” is certainly picking up some cream of the crop actors. Last season, the show added Hill Harper to their roster after his series “CSI: NY” ended. Bishop spent two season playing Dana Delany’s cop side-kick in ABC’s medical drama “Body of Proof.” This time around, he will be rubbing elbows with Piper Perabo who plays Annie on “Covert.”

According to Bishop, look for him to clash with Annie even though he is fascinated by her and respects her. Trust will be a definite issue.

The fifth season of “Covert Affairs” premieres on Tuesday, June 24 at 10:00 PM on USA.