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Body of missing puppy found - head is missing

Someone decapitated a family's puppy
Someone decapitated a family's puppy

According to Monday's publication of the Daily-Times, the body of a puppy who disappeared in mid-April, was discovered in Saturday in Farmington, N.M.

Sherry and Albert Martin's seven-month-old Great Pyrenees-Saint Bernard mix puppy, named "Boo," was discovered in the woods behind the Anasazi Trailer Court; the puppy's head had been removed and was nowhere to be found.

Not only was Boo's head missing, but his feet had been bound. Sherry Martin said:

if somebody will do that with an animal, what's next?

The local authorities have been notified about Boo's death, but the sheriff's office has admitted that finding the person responsible is unlikely.

A year before Boo's disappearance, the family had another Great Pyrenees stolen from their property - in light of the prior theft, they assumed that when Boo disappeared, he had been stolen too.

A few days before the puppy disappeared, the Martins had asked a man and woman who were walking their dogs to leave the property - Albert Martin believed that the couple was trying to get their dogs to fight with his dogs.

He told the Daily Times:

That's not what my dogs are for,"

"They patrol. They're not supposed to be fighters."

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