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Jenise Wright body found? Child's body found near missing 6-year-old's home

Body of child found during search for missing 6-year-old Washington girl, Jenise Wright.
YouTube screen shot

A child’s body has been found near the home of the six-year-old missing Washington state girl. The body may be that of Jenise Wright, who was reported missing on Sunday, but no official word has been released as of yet. She’s the little girl that went missing and whose parents waited for over 12-hours to report her missing, according to Fox News on Thursday afternoon, August 7.

The body was found near-by the mobile park where Jenise lived with her family. The park is near Bremerton, which is in northern Washington, according to NBC News today. Kitsap County Sheriff Lt. Earl Smith said that more information may be released later in the day on Thursday.

The search for little Jenise started on Sunday when her parents said they put her to bed on Saturday night, but they got up on Sunday she was gone. Because she had a habit of getting up and leaving the house, the parents didn’t think much of her not being at home.

When she didn’t come home by 8:30 Sunday night, the parents started going door to door in the mobile park that they live in looking for her. After an hour and a half of searching the neighborhood, the parents called police, according to Seattle Times today.

The little girl was “literally a child of the park” that she lived in. She was so friendly and any typical day for Jenise is having breakfast with one family then lunch with another, reports Seattle Times.

This is why the parents didn’t consider her missing, they thought she got up earlier than they did and went off to see any of her many friends in the park. As bizarre as this sounds when talking about a six-year-old child, police report her parents have been extremely cooperative and they do not appear to be suspects in this case.

The parents both took lie-detector tests, but the results have not been released to the public. Police have not released the identity of the body found, they have also not offered any information about where the body was found and who discovered the child’s body.

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