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Body Mint keeps the active athlete smelling clean and fresh

Body Mint Sport is a supplement that keeps you smelling fresh
Body Mint

Athletes and active individuals have a hard time staying "fresh smelling" after, and when they are in the heat of battle.

Even the best deodorants only last so long.

With a hot summer expected across the country, those working out and competing might need a little something extra to keep your smelling clean.

In saying that, it was good to see Body Mint USA release their new product, Body Mint Sport. Body Mint Sport is a chlorophyll supplement that combats strong odors over the entire body, and athletes will love it.

Where it Works

Body Mint's all-natural odor fighting supplements reduce and get rid of all types of body odors. It works from inside the body where the worst body odors live. Body Mint Sports is made especially for athletes.

Why it Works

Testing, testing, testing. . The formula in Body Mint Sport was tested for well over three years and the testing was tough. It passed all the tests as it took odor fighting to a new level than the other Body Mint products and it fights the worst odors.

What is it?

Body Mint is an organic and all natural, indigestible body and breath deodorizing/freshening tablet/pill that is basically a deodorant that is safe to ingest.

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Body Mint USA released this statement about their new product.

Athletes need no longer worry about embarrassing and often debilitating body odor. Body Mint Sport is made from the same powerful ingredients as other Body Mint products, but with an enhanced formula that provides even more odor fighting abilities. The active ingredient in Body Mint Sport is chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll and as with all Body Mint USA products, Body Mint Sport is made from healthy, green ingredients that contain no harmful chemicals.

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