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The fact that you’re reading my column means that you’re a woman who wants to empower herself and her family. My work has always been about living your best life and over the past couple of years a natural shift has occurred. As I gave speeches to women’s organizations and worked one-on-one with women as a coach, we needed to go deeper than their love, sex, dating and relationship issues for them to find wholeness, healing and personal power. This shifted my work into what I call “Love-Body-Spirit.” Let’s take a mind-body-spirit approach to every aspect of your life from love to body wellness. I look forward to continuing to bringing you content that helped you live with passion.

Rachel Feldman, Health Coach
Rachel Feldman

Health Coach Rachel Feldman is known as the “Queen of Detoxville.” She teaches women how to heal their bodies by eating whole, healthy foods. One of her most popular programs is “How to Go from Blah to Blazing.” Find her at I interviewed Rachel to find answers about body love and clean eating.

Abiola: How did you become this health guru? Were you always fit and always healthy, and always interested in living your healthiest life?

Rachel: I was always interested in health. I ran competitively as a child. My father was a runner. Being healthy was an important part of my life. Even eating when I was younger, I intuitively believe that one you should eat healthy things.
When I hit about 25 I started noticing that I didn’t feel as good. I did have an ulcer when I was younger and at that time they just said it’s stress and maybe it was because I was an athlete.There wasn’t much research about the body, and the brain, and the foods that you eat. The doctor said you’re stressed.

I dove into books and at the time Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe. I learned that I had heavy metal poisoning and mercury poisoning amongst others which really impaired detoxification across the board. It really led me to the love and the power of detoxification especially in the world that we live in.

Abiola: I’m really glad that you shared that because many of the HYN readers are extraordinary women who are looking to take their health in their own hands. But of course we recommend that people check with their own healthcare practitioner because this interview is for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute medical advice. You’re known as the “Queen of Detoxville.” Why are we toxic in the first place?

Rachel: It’s almost like why are we not? We’re living, eating and breathing toxicity and it’s not like to cry or to be poor me it’s actually to get empowered. To say, “Wow okay I do live in a world where we never unplug from our iPhone, we never step away from our computer.’ We’re all having bigger dreams we’re all working longer hours. Our babies know how to use an iPad.

You think about the pollution, the pesticides, some of the different chemicals. Everything that we touch especially through our skin adds to the toxic level in our body.

Detox has been around for centuries. I always tell people it got a cool name in the last few years. This has been an ancient principal and method that has been used forever.

Abiola: Nothing is a one size fits all and I know that you work on the principal of bioindividuality. Can you expand on that a little bit?

Rachel: Bio-individuality is really big because I’ve tried every diet, dietary theory out there. What I came down to realize is what I had to figure out what actually worked for my body. I realized that also for people when it comes to cleansing, when it comes to supplements, when it comes to lotions, make up, everything – one man’s food is another man’s poison.

When it comes to the food that you eat, or a detox plan, or a cleanse plan just because we say X person writes the greatest plan out there it may not be great for you. We kind of have to look at our family tree and really see what are we made up of. It doesn’t mean we’re defined by our family health issues but we also have to say, well what have my cells brought in and what can I do to regenerate them?

Abiola: Many people are only familiar with detoxing as it pertains to juices. They don’t know that you can detox with food. How do you define clean eating?

Rachel: Clean eating is really when you’re eating foods in their most natural state. I think we are a culture that we’re just on the go. We’re already busy.

Clean eating is really a movement also. People are sick and tired of feeling like crap from eating toxic foods, foods that we don’t even know where they’re coming from. Having a really clean salad means fresh ingredients without mucus forming things like cheese. I’m raw and almost juicing until about four o’clock. And then I find that I do really well with a warm meal at night.

Our bodies want to be well, and want to be whole. When we take away the things that are poisonous for us, the body returns to a state of wellness and heals itself.

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