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Teleka Patrick body found in lake: Probe reveals doctor's secret life

A body found in a northwestern Indiana lake may be the remains of Dr. Teleka Patrick who went missing at the beginning of December. A private investigator working for Patrick’s family told the media the police did contact the family to say they believed the body was Patrick, but the coroner will make the official identification, according to MSN News on April 8.

Missing doctors body believed to be found in Indiana lake.

The body was discovered by fisherman who spotted something floating. The body was spotted in an area close by to where Patrick’s car was found abandoned by an Indiana State Trooper along Interstate 94 the day she went missing. Patrick was 30 and a first year psychiatry resident when she was reported missing.

She was a resident at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. There is some mystery to this disappearance. Patrick tried to rent a hotel room on the night she went missing, but she was turned away for lack of identification and she didn’t have enough money.

Why she was trying to rent a hotel room in the town that she lived in is part of that mystery. Authorities have no idea why she left Michigan and drove to Indiana either, there are so many unanswered questions in this case. There is no apparent signs of how Patrick died, but an autopsy is scheduled this week.

Update 4/10: The body found has been identified as Dr. Teleka Patrick and what happened to her the night she went into the water remains a mystery. The investigation around Patrick's disappearance come across an abundance of red flags. Police believe that Patrick was fighting with her own inner demons, according to MLive on April 9.

The doctor's car was found in a ditch, not far from the lake. It is not known now and may never be known what caused Patrick to go into the lake back in December. Patrick claimed she had a fiance', but that didn't turn out to be the case. There was no fiance'. Police believe they may never know what happened to the pretty, bright doctor who was just starting out in her career.

The media and law enforcement uncovered information that few people appeared to know. Patrick left the hospital after finishing a shift at Borgess Medical Center on December 5, the night she went missing. The people who came across her that night report that she began acting "erratically."

YouTube videos created by Patrick in which she speaks to a mystery lover were discovered. What really shocked the people who knew the missing doctor was the discovery of a personal protection order that a judge had granted against Patrick to Rev. Marvin Sapp. He is a Grammy-nominated Gospel singer and Grand Rapids pastor. Sapp is considered an innocent victim of stalking by Patrick. It looks as though Patrick was living a secret life that no one knew about.

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