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Body found in school coach's home believed to be missing girl, Hailey Owens

The body of a child found at the home of a school coach is believed to be the body of the missing 10-year-old Missouri girl, Hailey Owens. The child's body found at the home of the man who witnesses saw abduct the missing Missouri girl has not been officially identified, but police believe it is Hailey. According to on Feb. 19, the family of the missing Missouri girl confirms that Hailey Owens body has been found.

Body found in school coach's house is missing Missouri girls family confirms.

The missing girl was walking along the street on Tuesday evening when a man in a pickup truck snatched her into the vehicle. Witnesses chased the truck on foot and got the license plate number, according to the New York Daily News on Feb. 19.

The alert witnesses gave the leads to police that brought them to the home of Craig Wood, an elementary school coach and teacher’s aide in the school that Hailey attends. Woods had been employed at the Pleasant View k-8 School in Springfield since 1998 as a coach and has worked at the school as a teacher’s aide since August.

This was Hailey’s first year at this school. Woods was arrested on suspicion of first degree murder after police found him and the pickup truck at his home, but there was no sight of Hailey. When police searched his home they found a body of a child fitting Hailey’s description and police are quite certain it is her, but the official identification has not been made at this time.

Police did not say where in the home they found the child’s body and they did not give any cause of death for the child. Woods is not saying anything to investigators during the time they have tried to interview him. Woods’ father talked to his son by phone on Wednesday and he said to the media “The only thing I can tell you is that Craig is my son. I can tell you it is just a tragedy. We’re stunned, for everybody who knows him.”

This bizarre case has the neighbors who saw Woods abduct Hailey shocked over what they witnessed. The man who took Hailey saw that the neighbors were in full view of what he was doing, but it did not stop him from taking the girl. Witnesses said he pulled up and asked Hailey to "come here for a minute," when she did go over to him, he snatched her by the arm and tossed her over him and into the passenger seat of the truck before speeding off.

One man chased him on foot yelling for his wife to call 911, but he couldn't keep up. He did get the license plate number of the truck, which is what brought police to Woods' home.

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