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Body found in Dallas identified as D'Lisa Kelley

D'Lisa Kelley found deceased
D'Lisa Kelley found deceased

D'Lisa Kelley, a 24-year old pregnant mother, went missing on March 7, after leaving her grandmother's house to attend her best friends' wake. Her body was found this morning, roughly 2 miles from where she was last seen, the victim of an apparent homicide.

Around 6:45 pm on March 7, D'Lisa's sister received a call, which was clearly an accidental dial. When she answered, she heard D'Lisa screaming "Stop! Stop" Get off of me!" She then heard a man, saying “Shut up! Stop screaming! You want to be hardheaded!” The phone then disconnected, but she received a text message later that a man had confused her with someone else. At this point, her sister was likely freaking out, but received no further communication from D'Lisa. When she failed to show up for her best friend's funeral on March 8, her family reported her missing.

Though her cause of death has not yet been released, it is clear that she was murdered. Who is responsible for the death of this young woman? The fact that she was being attacked when someone last heard her is very concerning. Was D'Lisa Kelley the victim of a random crime? Hopefully these questions will soon be answered and justice will be served.