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Body count likely 10 in NY serial killer case, Atlantic City connection?

A small army of law enforcement officers are combing the beach from Suffolk to Nassau counties in New York where a serial killer is suspected of murdering at least 10 people. The case may be tied to four women who were strangled to death in Atlantic City. All the victims but one are suspected prostitutes.

One set of remains found on the beach are those of a toddler, according to police.

Now 150 police, state police and emergency operations officers are using mounted patrols, cadaver dogs and foot searches to look for more bodies, according to Nassau County Police Officer Eric Evensen.

"We have helicopters looking too," said Nassau County Public Information Officer Eric Evensen.

Evensen said that two sets of remains found today may or may not belong to the same person.

“The animals get into the bones and sometimes they move them,” he said. “The bones they found today appear to be very old. They may have been there for years, but we have to wait for the report from the medical examiner to be sure.”

Evensen said the police have started searching at both ends of Tobay Beach, a 4.5 mile stretch of sand adjacent to Gilgo and Oak beaches, where the other eight bodies were found.

Evensen added that he is not sure if the murders in Atlantic City are connected to the murders in N.Y.

The bodies of four prostitutes were found in Atlantic City in Nov. 2006. They had been strangled, laid out in a row and set into a drainage ditch. Their shoes were missing and their faces were turned east towards Atlantic City, according to then prosecutor Jeffery Blitz.

Criminal profilers have described this pattern of body dumping “Graveyard” style dumping. The killer will come back several times to relive the crimes or to engage in sexual acts with the corpses. This style of dumping is rare leading some authorities to believe the murders might be connected.

The murder victims in Atlantic City were identified relatively quickly because they had only been in the tall grass for about a month. One victim was discovered after approximately three days and another victim had identifying tattoos on her body.

In N.Y. the bodies appear to have been on the beach from a few months to several years leading police to suspect the same killer is involved in all the crimes, due to the type of burlap used to wrap their bodies.

“We’ll keep looking,” sand Evensen. “You know there are crimes that go undetected, this is the proof.”


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