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Body Beast trainer Sagi Kalev joins Beachbody SuperGroup "Year of the Beast"

Year of the Beast Super Group Leaders
Year of the Beast Super Group Leaders

Body Beast creator and celebrity trainer Sagi Kalev joined the Beachbody & Body Beast SuperGroup “Year of the Beast” on June 27, 2014 and plans to make an immediate impact on the group’s success.

Sagi is a world renowned IFBB Pro, Clinical Nutrionist, natural bodybuilder, former Mr. Israel and served in the Gulf War with the Special Forces.

Sagi wasted no time chiming in with the group late Friday evening, telling all the members that he is “…super excited about this group of REAL Beasts and that you guys will change the game.” Sagi continued, “As I always say, players love to play but winners love to practice.”

Sagi promises to stop by and answer the “hard questions” and that he “will do some live chats from time to time.”

Always quick witted and never missing a chance to display some humor, Sagi stayed around to poke fun with the members.

Beachbody Challenge finalist Roger Miller was first to pick a friendly fight.

“Wayne, I don't think Sagi can handle this group of BEASTS, especially those of us over Somebody had to start the SMACK talk and who better to target than the BEAST himself!!”

Sagi was quick to respond by posting a picture of himself in one of his famous muscular poses, and posting, “the Beast served in the Gulf War and is an IFBB Pro...I will give you a real Beast hug!”

While the SuperGroup members and Sagi are having fun right now, come July 7th that will all change when the “Year of the Beast” officially kicks off. The group plans on completing a full year of Body Beast, the muscle building home workout program offered by Beachbody.

Sagi left parting words for the night stating, "I will be the Dr, the Nutritionest and the Beast in the group so no one will be left behind."

The SuperGroup is currently accepting new members, but certain restrictions are in place. Though the SuperGroup is free, participants must use Body Beast and Shakeology.

The sign-up period ends July 6th.

“I wish to you all the best of the best and know that the Beast got your back,” says Sagi. “Win every day, every workout and always do something nice for another person. 1% better every day will take us to the promise land.”

Year of the Beast is a SuperGroup lead by 6 Team Beachbody Coaches working together by sharing their knowledge and experience for those who wish to compete in the 2015 Beachbody Classic or develop a healthy and fit body through natural means.

Leading the SuperGroup are:

  • Lance Lyell – Star Diamond Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Mens Health Success Story Feature, Beachbody Challenge Winner and group creator
  • Wayne Wyatt – 7 Star Diamond Coach, Beachbody Top Coach 2011 and 2012, P90X2 Crew Member
  • Chet Nichols – Qualifying Star Diamond Coach, 3 time Beachbody Challenge Winner, 2014 Beachbody Classic Top 10 Finalist and Beachbody Success Story Feature
  • Jeff Lennon – Star Diamond Coach, Beachbody Challenge Winner, 2013 Body Beast Classic Competitor
  • Chris Coburn – Ruby Beachbody Coach, 2014 Beachbody Classic Top 10 Finalist
  • David Jeffries – Emerald Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Challenge Winner and appeared in theINSANITY: ASYLUM 1 Infomercial

For more information about joining Year of the Beast, send an email to or visit

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