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Body awareness can make you a better runner

runners body awareness
Photo by Kent Horner

You want to know how to become a better runner? Have better awareness. Being in tune with your body can stop aliments with ankles, knees, hips, not to mention back problems. A seasoned runner should always understand body awareness, if they want to continue, and become a better runner. Body awareness is knowing and understanding the position of your body while running. Many issues while running comes from the stiffness of upper body, downward position of head, and closed chest, this will ultimately cut off your breathing. This posture causes the shoulders to become tense. The connections between Upper and lower body has a lot to do with running biomechanics. So above, so below; remember running is not just lower body exercise, its whole body. So many runners however would benefit hugely from freeing their Hips up to function properly. As we run, from the moment our standing foot begins to pass under our body. Being aware of foot and hip movements is a big part, but the overall goal is to create optimal forward propulsion. As your hip moves forward so does your foot. There are a few key exercises you can regularly practice to help increase Hip Extension. Preforming dynamic exercises like high knees and lunges will consciously help your running mechanics and hip movements. To become better with anything it takes practice. And what most runners need is a change in the way they run, redirecting the effort of running into other body parts. And first step is developing an awareness of how these parts of the body move.

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