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Body armor blanket for kids

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ProTecht of Oklahoma has announced the creation of a protective blanket for kids, designed to “give them a better chance of surviving debris from a tornado, as well as shield them from 9mm and 22 mm caliber bullets, in addition various flying objects such as nails and flying glass.

“Made from Dyneema, a high density plastic (lighter than Kevlar) used for ballistic armor, the Bodyguard Blanket, comes with “backpack-like straps that allow users to put it on, and then duck and cover,” according to creator Steve Walker, a podiatrist from Edmond, Ok, who said he came up with the concept following the tornado that tore through Moore, killing 7 children in an elementary school, as well as 14 adults.
He then gave a sketch of his design to one of his patients, inventor Stan Schone, and together they formed Pro-Tech to manufacture the blankets, which were then put through a National Institute of Justice Class 3A test, used to evaluate armor for police units.

"We're trying to stop that blunt-force trauma when that rubble is falling down on a child, for instance," stated Walker.

The blankets have been in production for the past 10 months and cost approximately$1,000 each. However, Walker and Schone emphasized the fact that it is still cheaper to buy one for every student in town, than to build storm shelters.

"By no means would we ever say that this is more protective," Walker added."But when you have budget constraints, this might be a viable alternative."