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Body alignment and spine health for skiing

Special care with a smile.
Special care with a smile.
Photo by: Wendy Reeves

Many skiers are exercising and working out to prepare for the ski season.  One aspect of the body we sometimes forget is our body alignment.  This is so vitally important to maintain the good health necessary to remain active and pain free for strenuous skiing.

If your knee is out of place it will remind you on the bump run that it needs some attention.  A sore neck could be the cause of something more serious in the back area.  Aching swollen feet will not be happy in those ski boots.  Get your body ready now for the slopes.

Chiropractic care is a tremendous way to keep your body and bones fit for a whole lifetime of skiing.  Don't let an old injury keep you away from the fun of skiing.  Take care of yourself by checking out what natural health care can offer you.  What is more important than enjoying life in God's great creation by being active on skis with that special body you have been trusted with? 

Dr. Gary Santora, a skier, is in the top of his field when it comes to taking care of your body naturally.  From allergies, to back injuries, or just a regular checkup to maintain good health, he will go the extra mile with a smile to help you.  He understands that balance is important while skiing and a misaligned body will mess it up.  

Are you struggling with foot pain caused by the bed of your ski boots being worn out?  Dr. Santora also offers professionally made orthodics that  can be placed inside the ski boot.  Your skiing is really affected by the stance of your boot.

Keep on exercising, and remember to take care of your body in every way to prepare for a great winter season ahead.

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