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Bodies in suitcases: 2 bodies inside 2 suitcases, gruesome find on roadside

Two bodies were discovered inside two suitcases that were found in a ditch by highway workers along a road in a rural area of Wisconsin. This has left neighbors of a small town shaken over this find as police are trying to identify the remains today, according to CBS News on June 6.

Two suitcases with two bodies inside was a gruesome find in rural Wisconsin.
YouTube screen shot/ CBS Local 2 Chicago

Highway workers were mowing the grass in when they came upon the two suitcases in a ditch and they moved them to the roadside. A passing motorist called the police after seeing the suitcases along the side of the road and police opened the luggage making the gruesome discovery.

Police have no idea how long the suitcases have been in that ditch, as the grass in that area is very high and could have kept them hidden for quite some time. The suitcases were found in the town of Geneva, Wisconsin, which is home to about 4,000 people, located about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

It appeared that each suitcase contained one body, police report, and they believe that the victims were killed at a different location than where the suitcases were found. The suitcases were found about a quarter mile from the police station in Geneva in a "remote" area that's made up of "rolling corn fields," describes CBS News.

Police Chief Steven Hurley of the Geneva Police wouldn't comment on the remains found in the suitcases. He wouldn't give any information on the condition of the bodies or the size of the luggage pieces they were found in when asked.

Autopsies were conducted Friday by the Waukesha County Medical Examiner's Office. The town police now have assistance in this investigation from the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and The Walworth County Sheriff's Department.

According to The Travelers website today, the investigation involves checking with law enforcement agencies across the nation for reports of missing persons. Police Chief Hurley told the media:

"It's certainly something that's unsettling, making a discovery like that."

Officer Eric Anderson, who is a 10-year veteran of the department was the officer who opened the suitcases to make this disturbing discovery. Hurley said that Anderson opened the cases, stepped back for a minute to collect his thoughts and took a deep breath.

He said the officer "handled it very professionally and continued to do his job." In this rural neck of the woods, this is not something you come across very often and seeing the remains stuffed into suitcases is a disturbing sight.

The police stress that "residents can rest assured that this is an isolated incident and the crime did not occur where the bodies were located." The town is quiet and "close-knit" where everyone knows everyone else, so needless to say people are frightened over this horrific find.

Police have not identified the bodies found in the luggage and they ask the public for their help today. If anyone has any information police ask that you please contact the Town of Geneva Police at 262/248-9926 or the Walworth County Crime Stoppers at 262/723- 2677.

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