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Bodies in suitcases: Two bodies found in suitcases in Wisconsin

Two bodies in suitcases were discovered in Geneva, Wisconsin on Thursday. Highway workers came across the grisly find while mowing grass along the road. The suitcases were dumped in the ditch near the highway, CBS News reports. Geneva is about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

Police Chief Steven Hurley said a driver passed by and noticed the suitcases. The driver informed police, who opened the two pieces of baggage up and discovered the bodies.

One body appeared in each suitcase, but neither the condition of the remains nor the size of the suitcases have been released. It didn't appear that the victims were killed near the location of the suitcases, which was a rural road surrounded by cornfields.

Chief Hurley said Geneva is a "normal town." He added, "It's a very quiet town, a close-knit town. Everybody knows everybody else."

Authorities are searching to find out who the victims are by checking missing persons reports across the country. The bodies in the suitcases are a mystery. Autopsies will be conducted on the corpses.

People in the area are shocked at this find and has given them an uneasy feeling. It's unknown how long the baggage had been sitting along the road in a ditch. Residents knew a local road had been barricaded by police, but it wasn't until they learned on the news that two bodies were in suitcases.

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