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Bodies in suitcases: Dumped on roadside, two bodies a mystery in brutal murder

Two bodies in suitcases found dumped on the roadside this week in Lake Geneva, Wis., are causing a firestorm of unrest in the usually calm and peaceful community. Although a majority of details in this shocking incident have not been divulged or remain a mystery, it is known that two separate bodies were stuffed inside a pair of suitcases, a crime that local police officials have called part of a “brutal murder.” CBS News also reveals this Friday, June 6, 2014, that a full investigation into the gruesome finding has been launched as of this morning.

Two bodies found stuffed into suitcases, dumped on roadside
Creative Commons, Flickr Images

Although highway workers first stumbled upon the two suitcases earlier this week while cutting the overgrown grass along the side of the road, they paid no attention to the commonplace objects. After moving them to the edge of the street and considering them abandoned, it wasn’t until a curious passerby finally called police about the two suitcases that law enforcement authorities finally opened them. To their shock and horror, they discovered the dumped corpses; whatever they were expecting that day, safe to say that bodies in suitcases were not it.

According to the press release, the site of the mysterious suitcases was along North Como Road in Lake Geneva, a short distance east of local County Road H in Wisconsin. Officials determined that the pair of bodies inside the two separate luggage items was indeed real human corpses. One body was found in each suitcase.

The Town of Geneva Police Department has also shared via the Chicago Tribune this afternoon that the find was both unsettling and pointed to a brutal murder.

"It's certainly something that's unsettling, making a discovery like that," Chief Hurley offered in a statement today. Apparently, a man with over 10 years of experience on the police force was the one to open the individual suitcases stuffed with a corpse and dumped at the roadside, but even he was understandably taken aback by their contents.

"I talked to him, and he said he had to step back a minute and take a deep breath and collect his thoughts, but he handled it very professionally and continued to do his job.”

At this point in time regarding the bodies in suitcases crime, criminal agencies in the Wisconsin area are investigating any recent missing persons reports. Although the victims had already begun to decompose, police authorities are confident that autopsies might be used to first identify the bodies and then possibly help solve this gruesome mystery.

One additional thing that police want to make clear — the incident is thought to be an isolated one, and Lake Geneva residents have nothing to fear when they go to sleep tonight. It is similarly believed that the brutal crime did not take place in the local area.

"We can rest assured that this is an isolated incident and the crime did not occur where the bodies were located … I'm not at liberty to release information at this time, but through our investigation, I can state that," he said. "Investigators are working very diligently in identifying any leads in the case. . .Again this is an isolated event. This is a very quiet town, a close-knit town … Everybody knows everybody."

Finally, concludes the report:

“Anyone with any information or details they can offer in the investigation are asked to contact the Town of Geneva Police at 262/248-9926; otherwise, they can reach out to Walworth County Crime Stoppers at 262/723- 2677.

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