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Bodies Weymouth: 12 bodies in storage unit a grisly find for Mass cops

Bodies discovered in Mass storage unit a grisly find for police this week.
Bodies discovered in Mass storage unit a grisly find for police this week.
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The grisly find of 12 corpses in a storage unit in the upscale community of Weymouth, Mass. brings the total to 52 human remains discovered in storage units leased by the same man. A former funeral director in the state was under investigation which led police to search the storage units registered to him, according to the New York Daily News on July 20.

The 12 bodies were found in one of the units the day after the 40 cremated remains were discovered in yet another unit of horror. Joseph O'Donnell leased this storage units in the Boston suburbs.

The Boston Globe reports that O'Donnell who was arrested in April, was facing two counts of larceny after accepting $12,000 from a family for a pre-paid funeral, but then closed his doors shortly after they paid him. He has pleaded "not guilty" to those charges.

Police do not believe that the 12 human remains discovered intact were victims of violent crimes. Police do not know the identities of these deceased people and they are working with documents and records they've seized from the former funeral director in hopes of identifying the dead.

This task has become tedious and time consuming, but police want to be able to notify the families of all the deceased found in the storage units. The police believe these bodies and cremated remains to have all come from the O'Donnell and Mulry Funeral Home, where O'Donnell was the director.

This news has upset folks that put their trust in O'Donnell to bury their loved ones. April Hopkins had trusted this man to cremate her grandchild's remains and the following year she trusted him again with the bodies of her son and mother, who died very close together in time.

Hopkins showed up at the Dorchester Municiple Court wanting answers. Her first question was of course are one of the bodies her mother or her son? According to Investigators, the cremated remains are all labeled and they are "confident" they will be able to confirm the identity of the cremated remains, said Jack Wark, a spokesperson for Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

There have been no charges in the discovery of the bodies as of yet, but O'Donnell is now the object of a "substantial investigation," reports Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Walsh.

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