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Bodies of two women found in suitcases: Who were they?

Highway workers, mowing ditches in southeastern Wisconsin, came upon 2 suitcases in the weeds last Thursday. A passerby saw the cases and contacted police. When the suitcases were opened, they were horrified to see the contents.

Inside each case was the body of an adult woman, but that's about all that is known at this time. Autopsies were conducted on the bodies over the weekend, but the results have not been released, pending further testing. This is the town's first ever homicide investigation.

Who could these bodies belong to? There are numerous missing women across the country, any one of which could have been inside one of the suitcases. What was the state of the remains? Approximately how long have these women been dead? Was there any kind of information that could help identify them, or the person who shoved them into a suitcase?

Police are stating that this is "an isolated incident," but they haven't really given any information to back that up. Really, until more information is made available, no one knows what's going on. There could be any number of foul elements at work. One thing's for sure, these women didn't crawl into the suitcases and pitch themselves into the ditch, so someone knows something. If it's you, you should contact the Town of Geneva, WI police department at (262)-248-9926. While these women are unidentified right now, they likely won't be for long.

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