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Bodies found in suitcases: Authorities investigating grisly discovery

Two bodies found in suitcases Thursday in Geneva, Wisc. have sparked an unusual investigation as authorities try to determine the identities of the remains. WISN shared the information available so far.

Two bodies were found in suitcases along a highway in Wisconsin
Screencap via video

A highway employee found the suitcases in the grass Thursday afternoon while he was moving. He stopped and moved the suitcases to the side of the road, and some time later someone found the suitcases and called the police. Two bodies were found in the suitcases.

Police have said that there was one body in each suitcase, but no details regarding the condition of the bodies was released. It has been reported that it doesn't appear that the victims died where the suitcases were found, and autopsies were slated to be done on Friday. The area is one with a lot of tall grass, surrounded by corn fields, so it seems uncertain just how long the suitcases were there.

The Daily News reports that there are no reports of missing people from the small, quiet town. Police Chief Steve Hurley assures the Geneva residents that this is an isolated incident and the victims were not killed where they were found. Little else has been revealed about the victims at this point. Police have declined to detail the age, race or gender of the two bodies found in the suitcases. DNA tests could take a few weeks, and for now those curious about the case will have to simply stay tuned.

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