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Bodies found in suitcases along rural Wisconsin road

On June 5 in Geneva, Wis., a quiet town that runs along the shores of Lake Como about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee, officers working with the Geneva Police Department were helping cut some tall grass in one of the town’s rural ditches. Along with the usual junk and litter normally found in a roadside ditch, police came across two suitcases which they added to a pile of debris slated for disposal.

A routine landscaping operation turned gruesome in Geneva, Wis.

But when police checked the contents of the two suitcases, what they found led to a gruesome discovery. One dead body was stuffed into each suitcase, according to The Los Angeles Times. The discovery of the bodies in the suitcases has left Geneva residents scared and shaken.

The shocking discovery was made around 3 p.m. on Thursday. The two bodies were turned over to the Waukesha Medical Examiner’s Office, where autopsies of the bodies began yesterday. If necessary, forensic investigators said that they’d return to work today to finish up those autopsies in an effort to identify the bodies and determine causes of death.

As of now, no-one knows how long those suitcases were in the ditch before being found on Thursday. Geneva Police Chief Steven Hurley released a statement yesterday saying that “It remains unclear when the suitcases were dropped along the roadway, how the victims were killed or how long the bodies were there.”

"In the town of Geneva, in recent history, there haven’t been any homicides. I don’t know if there’s ever been a homicide" in the town, Hurley said Friday. It's "a very quiet community. We’ve got a pretty low crime rate here."

The ditch where the suitcases were found runs along Como Road in Geneva. Hurley said that the nearest house “was about an eighth of a mile away” with farms situated on both sides of Como Road.

A Geneva resident that owns one of those farms, 70-year-old Jim Daily, said he was driving home on Thursday when he found Como Road closed with police barricades and activity, according to CBS News. Daily confirmed that the grass in and along that ditch was very tall and thick.

"I don't remember seeing anybody stopped or parked. We were as surprised as anybody else. It was a shock to all of us. You don't like finding corpses in your neighborhood," he said Friday.

Another resident, 29-year-old Jessica Finster works at Geneva’s Como Inn, located only about a mile away from where the corpses were discovered. Finster told CBS that she’s particularly concerned about the bodies being found so close to her place of employment as she works late nights and often closes the bar by herself.

"That's what scares me. There are bodies in suitcases right down the street from where I work," she said. "It's kind of creepy. It's like 'CSI.' But that doesn't happen around here. I've never heard of someone in a suitcase left on the side of the road except in a fictional story."

For more on the gruesome discovery of those two bodies found stuffed into two separate suitcases in rural Geneva, see the video accompanying this article.

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