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Bodie lost to waivers, but Fowler takes another step to securing a roster spot

The Anaheim Ducks split their news and straddled the line of good or bad news, with one bit of each, first came the bad news.

Troy Bodie was placed on waivers, and less than four hours later the strong right wing was claimed by the Carolina Hurricanes, forcing him to hang up the Ducks jersey for now at least. To avoid sugar-coating anything, I feel like this was a complete waste of a solid player, Bodie would have been a reasonable piece of trade bait, like it was rumored last year, and instead, GM Bob Murray essentially gives him away. Lately, Murray has not impressed me, except for possibly some of the signings during the off season, but some of that has to do with good old-fashioned luck. Anaheim needed veteran defenders, and got lucky when there were many with their contracts expiring this previous off-season, it was just a matter of time until Murray re-pieced together a blue line roster.

However, Bodie has been a solid force on any line he found himself on, whether it be the third line, the fourth line, or the penalty killing unit. He never hesitated to sacrifice his body to benefit the goalie he protects, and thus was a powerful asset to the team.

Even though Bodie will be missed especially on the penalty killing unit, he is leaving on admirable terms, seeing as he worked his hardest for the Southern California squad, and because of that, I personally genuinely hope that he makes his way back to the Anaheim Ducks at some point in his promising career.

On the flip side of the aforementioned bad news, was the good news that some Ducks fans might not read into as much, however it was announced that young rookie defender, Cam Fowler, will now begin to start sporting the number 4 on his back. Previous Anaheim number 4's include most recently Nick Boynton, Todd Bertuzzi, and Aaron Ward.

The change from a high number, like Cam Fowler's previous 54, a number also previously worn by Bobby Ryan in his rookie years, to a lower number, such as Cam Fowler's 4, or Bobby Ryan's 9, is a tradition in Anaheim that is a symbol that they are here to stay. Once it is clear that a player has a solid spot on the roster, they are encouraged to take a lower number, such as Getzlaf switching from 51 to 15.

So now Anaheim has unfortunately been forced to bid farewell to a solid winger in Troy Bodie, however fear not, Cam Fowler is here to stay.