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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bode Miller interview angers Olympic fans; NBC’s Christin Cooper goes too far

Bode Miller wins bronze in super-g at Sochi Olympics
Bode Miller wins bronze in super-g at Sochi Olympics
Photo by Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

Bode Miller has faced some tough obstacles on the slopes and in his personal life. The skier won bronze in the super-G and fans were excited to see the accomplishment on NBC Olympic coverage. Then on Sunday night social media was insanely angered over the way Bode Miller was treated during a NBC interview after his run. Christin Cooper seemed less like a reporter talking about sports and acted more like Hollywood's paparazzi pressuring the athlete for answers. According to For the Win on Sunday, the interviewer had the skier in tears.

So what started the fan's outrage? Bode Miller’s younger brother Chilly died last year. It was an apparent seizure thought to be related to a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. As fans pointed out the matter is private and there was a moment Miller seemed to want to talk about it, but he stopped after getting emotional. It appears that Cooper was desperate for the scoop and pushed Miller hard by lead in questions. Christin Cooper basically hounded the athlete about the subject and the intense questioning was obviously upsetting to the athlete and unnecessary. (Watch the interview here.) Then the uncomfortable segment was put on television.

Was the Bode Miller interview necessary to be part of the NBC Olympic coverage?

If you read the social media comments from the Olympic fans, there was no reason to hound the man about the passing of his brother until he hit tears. The segment showing the man breaking down after being prodded about a family member's death should not have been on television either. NBC has plenty of fans who wanted to see the athlete in a positive light.

Would Bob Costas or Matt Lauer have done something so cruel? It’s doubtful and that’s why NBC's Christin Cooper really needs to apologize. The interviewer stepped over the line and should have known when to stop. The accomplished athlete should not be treated this way and neither should any other Team USA athletes.

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