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Boca Raton Mizner Grande Realty Broker, Ari Arbinder ,leads sales to $110million

Waterfront Mansion in Boca Raton. This waterfront home has room for a 130 foot yacht
Waterfront Mansion in Boca Raton. This waterfront home has room for a 130 foot yacht
Photo by Lori Wilk

Forget what you heard about real estate in South Florida. Boca Raton Residential Real Estate Broker, Ari Arbinder, Owner of Mizner Grande Realty has a sales team that is on pace to sell close to $200 million of luxury real estate this year in Palm Beach County.

750 Lake Drive in Boca Raton
Photo by Lori Wilk

To understand how Ari is doing this it helps to understand a little of Ari's background which includes 20 years of experience in residential real estate sales in Boca Raton,Florida, 7 of which were spent as a salesperson for another company.

Ari learned the aspects of the industry and market before opening his own company about 13 years ago. He is dedicated to his business but also finds balance in his personal life. His college education was in Marketing and he uses what he learned as one of his competitive advantages.

He's married to Susan, who has her Doctorate in Psychology and they have two children: Zachery 7, and Jolie, 10. Ari shared," It helps to have a wife who understands people and how to handle them."

Ari's tips on how to be successful in the real estate business include:

1. Take your business seriously and be sure that people who are working inside your company have the right attitudes and help you to maintain a stellar reputation.

2. Be passionate about what you're selling and the area you are working in.
"Boca Raton,Florida is an amazing place to live because it offers so much from an upscale economy with shopping, entertainment, sports from water sports to golf ,great schools and universities, casual to gourmet dining, easy access to transportation arteries and airports, tropical weather, and nearby gambling if that's what you want."

3. Know all of the aspects of your industry and be dedicated to getting better all the time. "I love negotiating," said Ari.

4. Make a high-quality presentation including the right photos, videos, brochures,advertising copy, property folders, and offices. The entrance to Mizner Grande Realty has all of the high-gloss magazines where their listings are featured.

5. Do what it takes to understand your market and your potential customers and be involved in the community. Ari said," I live and breathe real estate and have built up trust from my customers."

6. Find a niche and get known in that niche. Ari shared, "There may be thousands of real estate sales people in this county and we are clearly focusing our efforts on being known as a luxury real estate brokerage. In fact, this is our best year every since 2005."

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