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Boca Raton Mayoral candidate answers some questions from a Libertarian

City of Boca Raton Mayor, Susan Haynie, running to be Boca Raton's next mayor.

This week we will be running a series on the Boca Raton and Delray Beach races for city council, so make certain you subscribe to this column so you won't miss them. Last Monday we posed the same eight questions to all the candidates and yesterday we heard back from Susan Haynie who is running to be Boca Raton's next mayor. Unfortunately the Anthony Majhess campaign didn't respect the voters enough to offer his answers so the public could see an unvarnished view of where he stands. Tomorrow we will cover the candidates running for City of Boca Raton Council Seat B. The election is on March 11, 2014.

Since Majhess did not respond, here are the eight questions and Susan Haynie's answers. As we wrote last September at the official kickoff of her campaign, no one would mistake her for a Libertarian, however she does share several Libertarian views.

1) Are you in favor of business licensing laws and ordinances?

I support a limited amount of regulation to protect our citizens from unscrupulous businesses.

2) Do you feel the Boca Raton Police Chief should focus and prioritize the department's efforts on crimes where there is an actual victim or continue the way things are?

I support a balanced approach to addressing criminal activity through community policing, education and prevention.Our Police have done a great job utilizing technology with the VIPER Program and Facebook and Twitter.

3) Would you like to see more gun control in Florida, do you feel we have the right mix of laws concerning firearms or do we need to repeal some laws to be more in compliance with the Second Amendment?

I support our City's right to Home Rule regarding bringing firearms into public meetings. These can be very contentious events and all citizens must be protected from violence and feel that they can safely exercise their First Amendment rights without feeling threatened.

4) Do you feel a small business in Boca should be able to operate the way they see fit or should city, county, state and the federal government come in to dictate how they should run their business.

I support Home Rule regarding zoning and land use. There are private property rights that must be protected. Residential districts must be protected from commercial activities and thereby provide quiet enjoyment.

5) Are you in favor of making Internet WiFi available to the entire city if paid either by the private sector or by the city? If paid by the city, would you favor raising any taxes to pay for the service?

The City of Boca Raton has evaluated this concept. I support it if privacy can be maintained. I would not support a tax increase. In my twelve years on the Council I have never supported a tax increase. This service could be considered a public utility and funded from telecommunication fees collected from the private sector.

6) Do you favor corporate welfare?

This is the method of giving tax breaks to companies that stay or relocate here in exchange for creating a certain number of jobs to the city.

The City of Boca Raton does not offer tax breaks to companies. We do leverage limited to funding with the County and State to attract corporations. In the last three years, Boca Raton has created or retained over 5,000 jobs. Our outstanding quality of life, low taxes, educated workforce and great weather has lured corporations from Illinois and New York.

7) How, if at all, do you feel taxes could be reduced for residents and businesses in Boca over the next 3 years?

Boca Raton has the lowest millage rate of any full service city in Palm Beach County and the highest quality municipal services. Attracting businesses that invest in our community, keeps our taxes low and provides a vibrancy to our City.

8) Are you in favor of red light camera use in Boca?

No, I do not support red light cameras. I have consistently voted against them. They cause rear-end collisions and are a revenue generator not a safety tool.

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