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Boca Raton has a new mayor with Susan Haynie

The returns are in and Susan Haynie will be Boca Raton, Florida's next mayor. Yesterday, March 11, 2014, Boca Raton held its election for mayor and two city council seats keeping one of its incumbents for another year and adding someone new. Although none of the candidates in any of the races were libertarian, Susan Haynie was the closest a libertarian voter could hope for. The Libertarian Party of Florida is looking to change things to run more qualified candidates in more races across Florida.

On March 11, 2014, Boca Raton held its city elections where Susan Haynie was elected mayor, Robert Weinroth won Seat D on the city council and Michael Mullaugh retained his Seat B.
Susan Haynie

Haynie has been the Deputy Mayor of Boca Raton and was recently featured in one of our articles. She faced Anthony Majhess who sits on the city council's seat D, which he will vacate to allow newcomer Robert Weinroth who was elected in yesterday's election. Haynie received over 57% of the 11,000 votes cast and Majhess received 43% of the vote total. Last night Haynie said at her victory party, ""I am so thankful that the voters have spoken and they have chosen my leadership. I am the leadership the voters have chosen to lead the city forward with a positive vision."

As mentioned earlier Robert Weinroth earned his seat onto the Boca Raton City Council running against Rosetta Bailey and Yaniv Alcalay. He also helped voters understand his stance on the issues in a recent article we ran on the race. Weinroth received 66.67% of the 10,302 votes cast in the race with Bailey receiving 1,674 and Alcalay's 1,760 votes.

In Boca Raton's Seat B race for city council, Michael Mullaugh will stay on the city council gaining 52.23% of the 10,564 votes cast in the race. His opponents received the following: Craig Ehrnst 31.39%, Eric Gooden 11.08% and Mohamed Abdalla 5.3% of the votes.

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