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Boca Hawaii - Norman Tamanaha 15K postponed

Sunday, Aug. 10th 15k race postponed
Sunday, Aug. 10th 15k race postponed
808 Race Hawaii

Due to the hurricane warning, 808 Race will be postponing the Boca Hawaii – Norman Tamanaha 15K race as well as the packet pick up.

808 Race is currently working to reschedule the race for August 24 at 6:00 a.m. Stay tuned for more updates early next week on rescheduling the race and what to expect for the tentative race date of August 24.

With a new race date, comes extra time to train! Use these tips to be extra-ready when the 15k rolls around on August 24.

Tips on running your first 15K

  • Plan Your Nutrition Early: Plan your meals a full week in advance of race day for optimal performance. Eat half a bagel or a slice of bread no later than 30 minutes prior to the race, otherwise your body will have difficulty running and digesting food at the same time. Both carbohydrates and protein aid sore muscles post-race - essential for a quick return to your fitness regimen.
  • Apparel, Footwear and Hydration: Use the equipment you've been training with all along; do not try anything new during race week. Wear breathable high-tech fabrics - not cotton - and hydrate along the route.
  • Pace Tips: Dynamic stretches such as high, straight-leg kicks, pulling the knees up to the chest and stretching quadriceps multiple times will warm up muscles quickly and save energy; jumping rope for 100 counts helps, too. Use the first 5K of the race as your running warmup. This helps you maintain a steady pace, keeps you feeling energetic long through the halfway mark and ensures a strong finish.
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