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Bobsled accident Sochi: Worker breaks 2 legs and when clipped by bobsled

A bobsled accident in Sochi has left a bobsled track worker with two broken legs and a suspected concussion. The worker was on the track for some unknown reason and was hit at a high speed as a bobsled neared the finish line, according to The Inquisitr on Feb. 13.

Olympic bobsled accident leaves worker with two broken legs and possible concussion.
YouTube screen shot

The bobsled was on a run before the actual Olympic event, but it was traveling at a good clip when it hit the unidentified worker. The accident happened just before the start of the training for the two-man bobsled.

The worker was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Much thought was put into the design of this bobsled run after the death of a bobsledder at the Vancouver Games four years back. Nodar Kumarishtavili was killed just hours before the opening ceremony in an accident on the Canada bobsled run.

The fact that much thought was put into the bobsled run was echoed in compliments from the athletes competing in this event. There is no word on how the worker is doing as of yet.

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