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2014 Winter Olympics

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Bobsled accident: Careless bobsled accident leaves worker with broken legs

A bobsled accident today left a worker concussed and with two broken legs, reports The Associated Press on Feb. 13. IOC officials said the worker was in the track when he was hit by a forerunning sled near the finish line at the Sanki Sliding Center.

"We still do not know why he was in this zone and exactly what happened," IOC President Thomas Bach said in a visit to The Associated Press office in Sochi.

The injured worker was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital. No further updates have yet been given on his condition. Officials said the crash occurred before the finish line track, suggesting that the forerunner sled was moving at top speed when it struck the worker.

"According to standard procedure, a warning signal was given ahead of the forerunners' bob beginning its run on the track," Sochi organizers said. "The reasons for the icemaker's presence on the track after the warning signal are currently being determined."

According to NewsMax, forerunning sleds are "used before training and competition sessions to assess track conditions and make sure the facility is safe for racing. Also, people in the vicinity of the track are almost always alerted that a sled is in the track through public-address announcements, though it was unclear why the worker struck was unaware that the session was beginning."

This is the first injury on an Olympic sled track since luger Nodar Kumarishtavili lost his life in a training run hours before the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Games four years ago.

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