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Bobby Messano wows Darwin's July 19, 2014

Bobby Messano
Bobby Messano
Rhetta Akamatsu

Bobby Messano is one of my favorite performers and he never fails to provide an exciting and satisfying show. That was true, as usual, on Saturday at Darwin's in Marietta.

Starting with the Santo and Johnny classic "Sleepwalk," Messano immediately established his skill as a guitarist and effectively introduced his great new band, bass player Suavek Zaniesienko and drummer Dave Hollingsworth.

He then played a series of original songs from "Welcome to Deltaville," his very popular latest CD, including the title song and the rocking "I Ain't Got Diddly." The packed crowd loved all of it, but perhaps the greatest response came when Messano dedicated "Can't Find My Way Home" to Johnny Winter, who we so tragically lost this past week. . Then Messano told the crowd about how, as "a fetus," he went to see Jimi Hendrix in 1968 and it changed his life. He then treated the crowd to a couple of Hendrix tunes, including "Angel."

While Bobby did not tell as many tales this time as he sometimes does, mostly letting the music do the talking, he was still as friendly and personable as ever. Those who have not seen him before would still feel that they got plenty of interaction with him between songs.

The changes in the band and the absence at this performance of fourth band member Freddie Gasparini have done nothing to hurt the tight rhythm section as the new guys seem to have gelled very quickly into a solid unit.

This is one of many times over the past four years that we have seen Bobby as we try never to miss him when he's in town, and he has never failed to give it 100%. When you see that he is playing in your area, go out and catch him. You will be glad you did.