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Bobby Messano, guitar legend

Bobby Messano
Bobby Messano
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In the world of guitar, Bobby Messano ( stands alongside the greats such as Eric Clapton ( Bobby has had the pleasure of serving as band leader for Steve Winwood (, during which time he met Eric Clapton. Was he intimidated to play alongside such well-known artists? Not when he’s Bobby Messano, one of the greatest guitar players alive and on the circuit today. Bobby’s rhythmic finger work is matched by few and can be heard in many well-known arenas, including the MTV jingle, CBS’s “The District,” and movies “A Chorus Line,” “No Small Affair” (starring Demi Moore), and “Love, Cheat, and Steal” (starring Eric Roberts and John Lithgow).

Born in New Jersey, Bobby now resides outside of New York, though Nashville is a second home of sorts. Having spent more than 30 years working in the music industry, Bobby has no plans to do anything else. And why would he? Nominated for a Grammy and playing with some of the best the music industry has to offer, Bobby has carved a living out of his love. As lead guitarist for Stanky Brown, Bobby has opened for noted groups Kansas, The Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Boston, the Beach Boys, and the Steve Miller Band. Following his stint with Stanky Brown, Bobby joined Starz, where he enjoyed opening slots with Styx, Rush, and Ted Nugent, among others. Today, Bobby leads his own band and recently co-headlined BamFest in Madison, WI (, with Chris Duarte (

Bobby brought his brand of heavily blues/funk music to Marietta’s premier blues venue Darwin’s Blues ( The night started out slowly, competing with the Atlanta Blues Society Blues Festival, but picked up steam later on. By 10:00 p.m. the place rapidly filled with fans of this stellar guitarist, and the placed rocked out. Burdened with a bad head cold, Bobby nonetheless forged on to thrill the crowd with his guitar prowess and soulful vocals. Repeatedly apologizing for being hoarse, Bobby need not have bothered; his talent and skill took over, and no one in the room could tell that he was even under the weather, let alone hoarse. Between songs, Bobby entertained the crowd with tales of his life on the road and the people with whom he has collaborated, giving everyone a glimpse of his past, present, and future. In a sense, the crowd enjoyed a bit of living history, if you will.

Bobby’s latest CD “Trials, Traumas, Tribulations, and Demos” is currently available on Rhapsody,, and iTunes. Bobby periodically visits Darwin’s, so watch his calendar for a return engagement ( Should the opportunity arrive, don’t miss this stellar guitarist and amazing talent. Bobby’s guitar playing is nearly unmatched; his songwriting reveals the sheer depth of his skill and soul. Buying the CD might suffice, but Bobby’s unique musical stylings are best experienced live.

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