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Bobby Gunn To Discuss State of Bare Knuckle Boxing on Showtime Tuesday at 10 p.m

Bobby Gunn To Appear on Showtime Sports
Bobby Gunn To Appear on Showtime Sports
Team Gunn

This coming Tuesday, September 2, at 10 p.m. Showtime 60 Minutes Sports will feature an all access, exclusive look into the world of bare knuckle boxing, centered around world heavyweight champion Bobby Gunn.

Gunn will discuss the current state of the original form of hand to hand combat, as well as the giant leaps the sport has made over recent years, and what lies ahead.

Showtime 60 Minutes Sports and their documentary crew met and worked with Gunn to get an inside look at bare knuckle boxing, the underground world surrounded by it and the international allure it continues to bring to the fight world. The special will not only feature footage of Gunn throwing hands for his documentary crew, but also highlight how the bare knuckle boxing differs from the gloved sport, and what it is on the verge of taking the fight world by storm.

“I’m very happy that Showtime recognized my status as a top elite BKB fighter in the world, and I am very thankful to film director Danny Provenzano for making this reality,” said Gunn. “We worked with Showtime and we put together an event for them so they could have access and show the world where the sport started from and where it is going.”

Bare Knuckle Boxing reemerged into the world of combat sports when Bobby Gunn fought in the first sanctioned BKB bout since 1889; Gunn defeated Richard Stewart via 3rd round TKO on August 5, 2011, claiming the vacant title of heavyweight champion. Since the sport has been attempted to be replicated by organizations using mock gloves, but Gunn and his team are the original and only organization to host a sanctioned bout.

“Going forward we plan on hosting many more, with some of the top BKB fighters around the world going to battle,” said Gunn. “We are in the works of putting together a major event together which will be available via internet streaming, with the exact date and location to be announced shortly, including James Quinn against Paddy Collins, with myself as the special guest referee. We have a handful of other BKB legends, including Joe Joyce’s sons—Davey and Fighting John Joyce. BKB is the sport of the future, and with the help of Showtime and their documentary crews, we are one step closer to making an international phenomenon. Lastly I’d like to thank George Kokkolanios, who was with me through all of the documentary filming and witnessed firsthand our events; he has been both an attorney and a friend and a big player in helping bring this all to the surface.”

With the ongoing excitement growing for BKB as a mainstream sport, fans around the world are sitting patiently hoping for the announcement of the megafight that will reshape the sport—Bobby Gunn vs. Kimbo Slice. While nothing is set yet, Gunn’s team is adamant about bringing this fight to life and taking bare knuckle boxing to the next level of fight sports entertainment.

Tune in this Tuesday, September 2 at 10 p..m. to watch Showtime 60 Minutes Sports featuring Bobby Gunn.

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