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Bobby Gunn and Kimbo Slice In Talks About BKB SuperFight

Bobby Gunn offers challenge to Kimbo Slice
Bobby Gunn offers challenge to Kimbo Slice
Team Gunn

Earlier today a member of Bobby Gunn’s team reached out to a representative of Kimbo Slice’s to get the ball rolling in an attempt to solidify a bare knuckle superfight between the fighters. Gunn—a former gloved cruiserweight champion and current bare knuckle boxing heavyweight champion of the world and a known blood and guts warrior, and Slice—a world renowned YouTube street fighting sensation turned MMA fighter turned boxer, were have been going around and around on the carousel for over 5 years now trying to lock this fight in, yet have come up empty every time.
“I’ve done everything under the sun to make this fight with Kimbo happen,” said Gunn. “It’s not complicated, he says he will fight anybody anytime, yet every time I have put the challenge out there, and have put my legit title and belt on the line, he has not stepped up. Fighters fight. He has blocked me from Twitter when I asked him why he won’t fight me. Well now we are reaching out to him again. We want to make this superfight happen. It is known worldwide what he can do with his hands. I am the true legitimate world heavyweight bare knuckle boxing champion, and I want to offer him the chance to fight me for the belt. This can be a huge Pay-Per-View superfight if he steps up.
Gunn claimed the vacant heavyweight title in 2011 when he competed in the first sanctioned bare knuckle boxing match since 1889, an event that was viewed by over 800,000 fight fans on As the popularity for BKB has increased, and the buzz surrounding the sport continues to escalate, a superfight between two warriors of the magnitude of Gunn and Slice would draw an all-time high in fan support.
In the inaugural bare knuckle match in 2011 Gunn battled with Richard Stewart for 3 rounds, using his fast hands and elusiveness to set up body work and eventually stopped Stewart using his left hand to claim the linear belt that the legendary John L. Sullivan last held.
Gunn prides himself on cementing his place in history by not only participating in the first sanctioned BKB fight and winning the title, but by defending it and paving the road for the future of the sport.
“BKB can be the sport of the future,” said Gunn. “When people hear about bare knuckle boxing, they think about two people battling to their bloody death. It is far from that. It is not a bum fight between two drunks outside a bar in an alley. BKB is about technique in setting up your attacks, and picking your punches wisely. When the UFC first came out everybody thought it was barbaric, and now it rules the fight world. BKB can surpass it if done properly, and Bobby Gunn vs. Kimbo Slice can be the superfight to jumpstart it all. “
Gunn’s teams is adamant about making this fight happen, and getting the ball rolling immediately. More information will follow.

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