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Bobby Flay™ kitchen linens from Kohl's are hard-working, good-looking

Since a big part of our day is spent in the kitchen, we want lasting, hard-working items in great colors. Just recently Home and Living had the opportunity to “test-drive” some new Bobby Flay™ kitchen linens from Kohl’s.

Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and the United States.
The new Bobby Flay kitchen linens from Kohl's are good quality
Courtesy of Kohl's

Think about using these for a Cinco de Mayo party—they are so good looking. Start with another component, the table runner in woven cotton. It is generously sized and will frame all your dishware perfectly because there are so many colors in the weave: orange, yellow, teal, green, and more. (See the photos.)

"Think about using these for a Cinco de Mayo party ..."

Leave a hand towel on the table or sideboard so guests can wipe their hands if needed and keep the kitchen dish cloth out for quick spills. We think this would also be great for the Fourth of July with its prominent red, orange and yellow to heat things up for fireworks and flags; it would look great in a picnic basket too.

The striped components come in different colors such as brown called mole, a bright yellow is saffron, a pale teal called sea, I have a red/orange called sangria, and finally, blue and green.

Also, the oven mitt is good and thick and has the Bobby Flay logo, and a small ring at the top for hanging.

See the items in the photos and note the details and prices below.

Woven cotton construction ensures lasting use.
Details: Bobby Flay™ Serape Woven Table Runner
14" x 72"
Cotton: Machine wash

Bobby Flay™
2-pk. striped dish cloth $8.99
Colors: mole, saffron, sangria, sea

Bobby Flay™
2-pk. striped kitchen towel $13.99
Colors: mole, saffron, sangria, sea
Bobby Flay™

Bobby Flay™
Oven mitt $13.99
Colors: sangria
Cotton: Machine wash