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Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell pick their final two on 'Worst Cooks'

Team Bobby Flay tries to describe a dish to the famous chef so he can recreate in.
Team Bobby Flay tries to describe a dish to the famous chef so he can recreate in.
Food Network

On Monday night's episode of "Worst Cooks in America," chef team leaders Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell picked their respective last man standing for the finale next week. And to do that, they had the final four cook dishes for their loved ones, without telling those loved ones exactly who cooked what. Then they made the family and friends vote for their favorite dish, not knowing whether they were voting for or against their family member.

But before all that, the final two on each team got to finally boss around the chefs who had been barking instructions at them for the last five weeks. Each team of contestants was presented with a dish that only they could see, and they had to describe it to their chef coach to re-create it.

If you think that sounds pretty easy, think again. Would you be able to answer correctly if Flay was asking you whether it was halibut or sea bass fish on the plate? These guys are professionals. They want to know each exact ingredient. You can't just say "fish with green stuff."

Both chefs agreed that Burrell's team did a slightly better job, as Flay's left out a crucial flavorful ingredient in shallots.

Then the four remaining contestants -- tattoo artist Amber, radiologist Danny, flight attendant Jamie, and writer Mike -- met with daughters, girlfriends, and husbands before embarking on the last challenge to determine the final two. Each cooked an entree, and for Team Bobby, the family and friends ended up picking their loved ones' respective dishes. But for Team Anne, the vote was unanimous for Mike's dish over Jamie's.

But when all was said and done, it came down to the pros to make the final decision, considering the input from everyone. Flay had to choose between the long-clawed tattoo artist who mastered seasoning and the long shot radiologist who had come so far from Day One. But he chose Amber as his finalist.

Burrell had a unanimous decision on the last challenge from the family members, but also had to consider overall performance to give herself the best chance for the win in the finale. Despite Mike's strong finish, Burrell chose Jamie to represent her next week when the inner is chosen.

Tune in to the Food Network next Monday for the finale of "Worst Cooks in America" to see who wins the $25,000 prize.

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